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iPhone app switcher

You’ve Been Using Your iPhone Wrong Till Now

For iPhone users, perhaps the biggest challenge is to get their battery to last throughout the day without having to charge it at least once. Most of us keep checking the battery meter with a frequency that borders on paranoia. As a self discovered solution, we have made a habit of ‘closing’ apps by swiping up on all the multitasking switcher believing that it makes the phone’s battery last longer. Well, it’s not true.  Read more

Google On Hub

People, Meet OnHub – Google’s Super Cool WiFi Router!

If you went out and took a survey, people would probably list Wi-fi as the second most important thing to survival, probably rating higher than food and water. After all, when you wake up in the morning, the first thing you reach for is your smartphone, not that glass of juice sitting on the table. Read more

Apple Music India

Apple Music – It’s More Than A ‘Gaana’

For the benefit of those who aren’t familiar with Apple Music, I’d like to begin by saying that it’s a music streaming service like Gaana and Saavn. And to those who already know this, let me clarify that this is only partially correct. Calling Apple Music just a music streamer is like thinking of Dhoni as just the wicketkeeper of Indian Cricket Team. Yes, that’s what his designated title reads, but there are many other facets that make up the unique personality. Same goes for Apple Music. Read more

working at Apple

Dreaming of Working for Apple? Think Again.

So … it turns out Apple is NOT the most perfect company in the universe. It may be the undisputed king in the world of technology, but it doesn’t exactly get a medal when it comes to treating its employees! There have been some complaints from both current and former employees which reveal that their experience at Apple wasn’t all that hunky dory. Read more

New iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Dear Apple, Please Let Us Make Millions For You

It was half past ten (in India) on the night of 9th September when Tim Cook took to the stage and unveiled the bigger and gigantic iPhones 6s. There was a child-like excitement and anticipation amongst Apple enthusiasts. But, as always, there was also a question mark on the faces of Indian fan-boys.

Read more

siri io9 feature

Hey Siri, Show My Photos

This is what you’re probably going to say when you come to know about Siri’s new iOS 9 functionality. You want to look at pictures on your iPhone from a vacation in Thailand you took two years back? It’s easy. All you have to do is say, “Siri, show me photos from Thailand”. Siri will immediately show you a series of photos from that wonderful trip you are reminiscing about so fondly. Read more