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El Capitan OSX Mac

How to Prepare your Mac for El Capitan

If you’re like me, you must be eagerly waiting to upgrade your Mac OS to its latest instalment – OS X 10.11 El Capitan. Like the three versions before, it is available for direct download from the Mac App Store. And like the two versions before it, the latest upgrade is also free! Read more

iphone 6s india launch

Confirmed: New iPhones Coming to India on Oct 16

Apple recently made a media announcement about iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. While the focus was on celebrating their record sale of 13 million iPhones within the first weekend, the thing that got us jumping off our chairs was the confirmation that October 16 would be the launch date of these shiny new iPhones in India. Read more

iPhone prices worldwide

iPhone Prices Worldwide: Who Gets the Best Deal?

In India, the fastest way to get people talking about your ‘extravagant’ lifestyle is to buy an iPhone. Anybody around you who doesn’t have an iPhone is going to come back to you with taunts that can broadly be classified into 3 categories 

  1. The Envious – ‘Haan haan, bade paise uda raha hai aaj kal!’
  2. The Enlightened – ‘I would never spend so much on a phone, dude! It’s just … criminal. Think about world hunger. And poverty.
  3. The Economist – ‘You could have bought a cheaper phone and invested in mutual funds that would have got you 10% over the next … zzzz!

Read more

Narendra Modi India Tim Cook Apple Meeting

Narendra Modi and Tim Cook Meeting Promises Ache Din for Apple in India

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi will soon be visiting the US (again). This time, however, he will concentrate on the West Coast – home to the biggest tech companies in the world. It’s been confirmed that he’ll be meeting the CEOs of the biggest names in Silicon Valley – Google, Facebook, and Apple.

The last one is what concerns us the most. Why? Well, firstly because we are all about Apple in India. And also, when your PM meets the CEO of the world’s largest company, you should sit up and take notice. Read more

iOS 9 features India

iOS 9: What’s Not Available in India

We are getting an overwhelming response for a post we uploaded recently – 10 coolest iOS 9 features. Most people seem to share our enthusiasm about Apple’s new mobile operating system, which is great! But what if we told you that the iOS you’re loving is an incomplete experience? That’s right! There are some key facets of iOS 9 that aren’t accessible in India.

Here is the list of what all of us are missing out on. Read more

Selfie Accidents On iOS 8 … Beware!

We all love to pout and pose to take a selfie! Sure, it is fun and a ridiculously harmless activity, but not when it happens unintentionally, which seems to be the unfortunate side effect of Apple’s latest update. If your iPhone has iOS 8, then you should probably know a thing or two about how to avoid accidental selfies!

The iMessage in the recently-updated operating system allows users to send videos and voice notes that expire unless you choose to save them. This added feature is highly similar to that of SnapChat. But that isn’t all. Read more

iOS9 proactive intelligence

iOS 9’s Proactive Intelligence Explained

We all know what Siri can do for iPhone users. But now, there’s Proactive Intelligence, another flagship feature of Apple’s iOS 9 that is all about working out what you plan to do next; after which, it tries to help you do whatever it is you want to do. Read more

iPad iOS9 features

3 Amazing New Things iPads Can Do with iOS9

That Apple brings forth innovation in every new device it creates is a universally acknowledged fact. With the rolling out the much-anticipated iOS 9, it has unleashed a fresh wave of cutting edge features. While most updates are available on across iOS devices, some are restricted just to the iPads. Let us take a look at the three big iPad only features in iOS 9.  Read more


10 Coolest iOS 9 Features

We twiddled our toes, paced up and down eagerly, wore out the carpet, drove our friends and families up the wall with predictions and speculations … all while waiting for the iOS 9 to be released.

Our obsession finally paid off yesterday as we obediently updated our operating system the minute iOS 9 was launched. And then we spent the best part of the night taking it for a test drive. 

The verdict? We are absolutely loving it so far. It’s not a radical design change from the previous version, but there are some great under the hood upgrades. Here are some of the features we are enjoying the most.   Read more

iOS 9 install

Thing you SHOULD do before installing iOS 9

After more than 3 months of waiting (unless you signed up for the public beta), the new operating system for iPhone and iPad, iOS 9, is finally set to make a grand launch TONIGHT! Needless to say, we are very excited to play around with all the cool new features that  iOS 9 is going to bring us.

However, we will discuss those later. Here we are going to talk about some serious stuff – making all your devices – iPhones, iPads and iPods – i0S 9 ready so that the updates go smoothly and you don’t lose any data or applications.

So grab your notepads to start jotting down some valuable to-dos before the big launch tonight. Read more