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Windows 10 on Mac

How to Install Windows 10 on Mac. For Free!

The Mac has always had this unique ability of letting users install Microsoft’s Windows along with the stock Macintosh OS. That way you can enjoy the best of both worlds at the cost of one!

With the tech industry raving about how good the new Win 10 OS is, I’m sure most Mac users will be tempted to have a go at it. So here’s our guide to installing Win 10 on your Mac for free! Read more

Live Photo iPhone 6S

How to Share Live Photos with Non 6S Users

Live Photos is one of the exclusive features of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. This cool trick converts your photos into small animations by automatically recording a couple of seconds before and after you take a picture. Although it sounds gimmicky, Live Photos are actually a lot of fun to play with.
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16gb iPhone space

How to Manage Space on 16GB iPhone 6S

We recently wrote a post on why the 16GB iPhone is not an ideal choice for you. We explained in detail how new features like 4K videos, Live Photos, graphic intensive games were all storage monsters, which made the 16GB iPhone practically useless in 6 months time.

In that post we’d suggested that the best option would be to buy the 64GB model, which costs ₹10,000 more than the already expensive lower version. That, as our readers duly pointed out, makes it really out of budget for most people.

So if you are a heavy user (or if you’ve already bought the 16GB model), and you’re wondering how to make the most of your 16GB worth of space, these tips will be of great value to you. Read more

Buy Macbook India

MacBook Prices in India Increased by 20%!!

Apple products are infamous for being costly; sometimes excessively so. And yet we cough up months’ worth of savings for those shiny new iPhones or those sleek and elegant MacBooks. After all, they are excellent products! 

It’s bad enough that Apple products burn a large hole in your pockets, but now it looks like things are going to get a lot worse. Not satisfied with hiking up the prices of the iPhones in India, Apple has gone ahead and increased MacBook prices as well … by 20% across the board!
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Solving iOS 9’s Wifi Assist Mystery

Wifi Assist is an iOS 9 feature that automatically shifts from a poor Wifi connection to your cellular network to give you uninterrupted internet access. It promised to be one of those small but significant things that only Apple thinks about.

However, the real world experiences are telling a different story with many people complaining about increased cellular data consumption. Apple has finally come out and cleared the air about the functionalities and implications of this feature. Read more

iPhone 6S chipgate

iPhone 6S #Chipgate: Does your phone have the ‘bad’ chip?

Ever since Richard Nixon’s resignation from the Office of the President in a now infamous incident called Watergate, the suffix “gate” has come to be associated with anything scandalous. And while the nomenclature was supposed to be reserved for political disgrace only, like most pop-culture, it has seeped into various other aspects of our lives.

The tech industry wasn’t spared as well. Apple, in particular, has already suffered through many such “gates”. The most infamous among them were the ‘Bendgate’ and
 the ‘Antennagate’.

This year there is new gate, and it’s called ‘Chipgate’! Read more

16gb iPhone 6S Plus

Do Not Buy 16GB iPhone 6S. Please!

This year too, like every year before this, Apple pushed the boundaries of smartphone technology with the launch of two new flagship iPhones – the 6S and 6S Plus. While they are simply the best iPhones ever and it’s hard to find any fault in them, we do have one grudge – the huge compromise that Apple has made yet again in offering storage. Read more