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iOS or Android

iOS 9 vs Android 6: Let the fight begin!

iOS vs. Android has always been a bitter rivalry. This year that battle reached a fervent pitch with both Apple and Google releasing new versions of their operating systems almost simultaneously. iOS got updated to iOS 9.0 while Android, continuing with its tradition of using deserts/sweets for nomenclature, evolved into Android 6.0, also known as Marshmallow. Read more

How to Use iPhone’s Photo Editing Tools

Most people don’t bother too much with editing photos. They just click a snap and are happy sharing it on their social media profile. Apple’s superior camera technology ensures that you get a good picture nine out of ten times. However, with everyone going crazy about Instagram and selfies and groupies, photo filters have become something of a must in order to look your social media best.  Read more

mac osx problems

Frustrated with El Capitan? So Are We!

El Capitan was released a couple of months back amidst much fanfare and enthusiasm. It promised some exciting new features along with a lot of stability and performance improvements over its previous iterations. Unfortunately, not only has it failed to live up to our expectations, it has also made people scream with frustration: What the bloody hell Capitan!!
Read more

Apple fashion

10 Surprising Apple Products You Didn’t Know About

Contrary to popular belief, not everything Steve Jobs touched turned to gold. In its almost four-decade long existence, Apple has released many products which weren’t smash hits. In fact they weren’t even moderate successes and Apple had to stop production due to losses. Obviously, these products were never heard of again. Read more

broken lightning cable

DIY Solution For Those Broken Charging Cables

If I had to think of an object that personified the word ‘flimsy’, iPhone’s USB charging cable would fit the bill perfectly. I am a living testament to how frail those things are. In the two years that I’ve been using my iPhone, I’ve had to buy 3 replacement cables. 3!!!  Read more

iPhone 6S discount India

Rs. 34000 Exchange, 50% Buyback & Price Discounts on iPhone 6S & 6S Plus

A large number of Apple lovers, us included, believe that the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S are too highly priced in India. The increase of Rs. 10,000, that too for ‘S’ upgrades was a dangerous strategy. Subsequently, when we hear reports of 15-20% fall in sales this year, we are not surprised at all.

It seems that Apple has very quickly realised its mistake and is taking all possible corrective actions. The discounts haven’t just come much quicker than we expected, they are very lucrative as well. Here are some of the best deals running on iPhone 6S and 6S currently: Read more

microsoft surface book

Microsoft Surface Book takes on Apple Macbook

Last month, Microsoft held its annual event to announce their new products and developments. Over the last five years or so, these events have been rather dull. We mean no offence, but Microsoft doesn’t  really have much to show by way of exciting new products.

But this year, things were very, very different. Microsoft finally decided that it would dive head first into laptop manufacturing themselves. So far Microsoft has busied themselves with manufacturing minor things; nothing groundbreaking as such. Their main focus has always been on getting their OS right first. And with Windows 10, they seem to be bang on track. Read more

buy apple watch india

Apple Watch Comes to India. Here’s Everything You Need To Know

We have some exciting news for all Apple lovers in India: Apple Watch is finally here!! The much awaited smartwatch will officially be launched on 6th November. However, pre-registrations are already open on websites of authorised Apple resellers like Imagine. The price starts at Rs. 30,900 for the 38mm Sport Model and goes up to a staggering 14.2 lacs for the Gold Edition! Read more