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iPhone 7 leaks

Everything We Know About iPhone 7 (So Far)

Hello, you rumour mongers! How have you been? All good?

We know, we know … it’s unbearably hot out there, your job is stifling your creative instinct, and your love life’s going nowhere at all. Well, nothing we can do about any of that. However, we can offer you some relief in the form of much-needed tech gossip! Here are all the rumours we’ve come across about the upcoming iPhone 7!

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iPhone 256GB

Bye Bye 16GB iPhone. Hello 256GB!

Each year when a new iPhone is launched, we get super excited seeing all the cool new features. Pretty much like kids let loose in a candy store! But somewhere towards the end of the presentation, there comes a slide that dulls our excitement considerably – the slide that shows the 16GB iPhone alive and kicking. Read more

apple stores india

Apple Stores Will Open in 3 Indian Cities By 2017-18

It’s been 15 years since the world saw its first Apple Store. In the decade and a half since, the Apple Store has defied the role of a traditional store and defined the process of brand-imaging. And now, the Apple Stores India seem to be shaping up in three desi locations Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. Read more