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Apple Maps

This Cool iOS 10 Feature Remembers Where You Parked Your Car

Remember that time when you went to the mall, watched a nice movie, dined out at a great restaurant and had the entire evening ruined because you couldn’t locate your car when you came back to the parking lot. Was it basement 1 or basement 2? Did you park it towards the front or the back? What was the pillar number? Are you even in the right mall? Read more

differential privacy

Apple’s ‘Differential Privacy’ is Worth Applauding

Our world today is ruled by Big Data. You may not know, but every minute, every second, corporate tech giants the world over are collecting colossal amounts of data from almost everyone using the internet. This data is then churned and turned to create user behaviour trends, which are then formulated into business tactics to boost sales. In this mad run to sell the most, the collateral damage is user privacy. That’s where Apple is breaking new ground with its Differential Privacy. Read more

iPhone 7 Concept

iPhone 7 Might Not Have a Physical Home Button

The rumour mills are working overtime. They’ve pretty much worn themselves out perpetuating all these ‘theories’ about the features we might get to see in the upcoming iPhone 7. These speculations (if you can call them that) range from a hundred percent possible to a hundred percent fantasy. Here’s one that falls somewhere in between. Read more

iOS 10 compatibility

iOS 10 Compatibility: A Checklist of Device-Wise Features

iOS 10 is going to be out in just a few months, and you’re going to start wondering if you’re eligible for the upgrade or not. The answer, I’m afraid, is not a simple yes or no. iOS 10 compatibility with your device is way more complicated. But not to worry, we’ve got it all neatly laid out for you. So let’s start with the basics — Read more

Slide to unlock

Slide to Unlock is Gone Forever!

Apple has decided to get rid of the iPhone Slide to Unlock feature!

There really wasn’t a better way to ease you into the news, so I decided to skip the introduction and come straight to the point. Read more

Apple encryption

Delhi Police Soon to Have a Key to iPhone Encryption

If you’ve been keeping up with Apple news, you’d know that it was recently at war with the FBI. In a historic legal battle, Apple was successful in setting a precedence where right to privacy won over  probable cause and national security. A case in favour of iPhone encryption has been established — it is necessary. Read more

dual SIM iPhone

Want a Dual SIM iPhone? Your Wish Just Might Come True!

Now that the WWDC is over, we know what iOS 10 is going to look like. Very soon, the next biggest topic of conversation will be about the device running iOS 10. We are talking about the iPhone 7, of course. What’s it going to look like? How sleek will it be? What wizardry of modern technology will it have? These are just some of the points that are going to catch our fancy in the coming months. Read more