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These New WhatsApp Features are AWESOME!!

Just this May, WhatsApp launched its first official Mac App. And we were pleased. Very pleased. Now, two months later, we’ve got yet another gift coming our way – The iOS version of What’sApp. My, my, my, we’re feeling so rich and loved right now! Read more

Here’s a List of Everything Siri Can Do

If you’re an iPhone user, chances are you’ve tried to impress friends and family by showing of Hey Siri. However, there’s a lot that Siri can accomplish apart from a boosting your social stature. Sadly enough, we are grossly unaware of Siri’s full potential. Most people don’t bother using it. And those that do, stick to the basic functions, like looking up the day’s weather and sending text messages. Read more

apple office bangaluru

Apple Leases Space for New Office at Bengaluru

Continuing with their plans to secure a solid presence for themselves in the Indian market, Apple has leased out more than 40,000 sq. ft. of space in one of the largest office complexes in Bengaluru. And this brings us one step closer to our dream of seeing another Apple office in India. Time to rejoice and celebrate!  Read more

Hey Siri mac

Here’s How to Activate ‘Hey Siri’ on Your MacBook

Of all the new features that were announced for macOS Sierra at WWDC this year, I was most excited about the introduction of Siri on the Mac! Actually, it’s a tie between that and the Cloud based cut-copy-paste feature! How cool would that be! But, for the purpose of this article, I’ll stick with Siri on Mac. Read more