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iCloud Photos or Google Photos: Which One’s Better?

Should I save my photos in iCloud or Google Photos? – This is one question we get asked most frequently, and rightly so! With cameras becoming better and better and fitting right into our pockets, how can we stop ourselves from clicking away night and day? And since these are all high-quality pictures, their number and the file size, both, create the biggest problem faced by the present generation — running out of storage space. Read more


macOS Sierra: Should You Upgrade?

macOS Sierra — the latest instalment of the OS powering your Mac was released last night for public download. As can be expected, there are a host of new features – some amazing, some pretty meh. The big question, of course, is should you upgrade? Read more


Apple Expected to Reveal New MacBooks at October Event

Now that the new iPhone has been released, reviewed, criticised and applauded, it’s time to move on to the next big thing – the unveiling of the new Mac lineup. That’s right fanboys, the new Macbook is going to make an appearance very soon. Apple’s October event, in fact, will have some exciting news! Read more


What Exactly Does ‘Water Resistant iPhone 7’ Mean?

Yes, Apple’s iPhone 7 is officially water resistant now. iPhone 6s was also water resistant, but Apple never marketed it as such since it didn’t want to make a false claim. After all, when have you ever heard Apple flaunt a feature unless they were fully confident about it?

So, how water resistant are the new iPhone and Apple Watch exactly? And is it the same as “waterproof”? Read more


Big Push from Apple for iPhone Manufacturing in India

Since Tim Cook’s visit to India earlier this year, the chances of Apple considering India as a potential location for iPhone manufacturing have multiplied. Although the exact details of Cook’s discussion with PM Narendra Modi were not made public, the possibility of iPhone manufacturing plant in India has been highly speculated.  Read more


iPhone 7 is Not Without its Share of Problems

Before its launch, iPhone 7 was subjected to endless speculation and a whole lot of anticipation. And while the fanboys are claiming that the lastest iPhone has lived up to the expectations, critics are complaining that there isn’t ‘enough’ newness in the new model.  Read more