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increase iPhone sales

How Apple Can Increase Dwindling iPhone sales

Apple is grappling with a case of iPhone fatigue after the sales for this smartphone appear to have run into a brick wall. Apple’s latest golden child, the iPhone Xs, hasn’t taken the market by storm, at least not the way the tech giant expected it to. The word on the street is that the demand for the new iPhone lineup is weak, and is tapering off slowly. Is the charm wearing off?

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dark mode iOS

Dark Mode is Coming to iOS Devices This Year

Apple’s next iOS version – iOS 13 is just a few months away and there are already a bunch of rumors surrounding its features; the most exciting of which has got to be the news about the dark mode making its way to iOS devices. That’s right, nerds, your beloved dark mode will now be available on your iPhones and iPads and not just your Macs.

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Apple devices

There are 1.4 Billion Active Apple Devices Worldwide!

In a spectacular fashion that befits Apple, the tech giant made a jaw-dropping revelation in its quarterly results call. The company revealed that they have 900 million active iPhones worldwide, which is a significant chunk of the total 1.4 billion active Apple devices around the globe.

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