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iPhone XR 2019 new colours

iPhone XR 2 Colors – Bye, Coral, Blue. Hello, Green, Lavender

Word on the street is that Cook’s vibrant line of iPhone XR is in for a shift in the rainbow of options. How do we know that? Well, you can tip your hat to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. The man tweeted an image of broken glass shards. And what’s the connection, you ask? He claims that the new iPhone XR 2 colors are the same as the broken shards’.

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Apps for hiding photos on iPhone

Best Apps for Hiding Photos on iPhone

We all have those photos on our iPhone that we want to keep away from prying eyes. And whether they’re OSFY (only safe for you) photos of you, someone else or stuff you’ve pulled from the internet, you’d be mortified if someone else was to see them.

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Apple Touch ID

The Chronicles of Touch ID on iPhone X

As we all know (and mourned), Apple did away with their Touch ID with the launch of the iPhone X. This was a change greeted with mixed feelings from Apple lovers across the board. But love it or hate it, we’ve all learned to live with it.

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2019 MacBook Pro edition launch

Sneaky Apple Launch – MacBook Pro 2019 Edition

First, with the AirPods 2, then the iOS update, and now with the 2019 MacBook Pro, Apple has become a bit of a repeat offender for when it comes to surprise launches! And while I love waking up to the smell of some hot steaming Apple news to go with my coffee. The surprises do get a bit too much for the heart to take, but I’ll soldier on! Because, spoiler alert, the new 15-inch MacBook comes with an eight-core processor.

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Apple TV+ coming to India

Apple TV Plus India Is Now A Reality

After two months of the announcement of Apple TV app, we finally have Apple TV plus in India. Apple TV plus will be running across all the Apple devices – iPhone, iPads, Apple TVs, along with all the Samsung smart TVs. The only device that’s missing from the action is the MacBook. But the Apple TV app would be made available for MacBook users later this year.

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iPhone 7 ‘no service’ program

iPhone 7 ‘No Service’ Program: Is it For You?

Are you one of those who is always running short on luck? The odd one of the group who always ends up in problems? While your friends’ ‘dabba’ Android phones have signal, your swanky iPhone says “No Service”? And this is happening areas where cellular service is available in 4G?

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Signs you need a new iPhone

Do You Need A New iPhone? That’s The Question.

Before I start this article, I feel like I should put out a little disclaimer – Apple didn’t sponsor this article. No, they haven’t paid us to make you believe that you need a new iPhone to boost iPhone sales in India. Yes, this is a genuine guide to help you gauge if you need an upgrade. Yes, we’re doing the public an excellent service. Yes, as a wise person once said, kabhi kabhi lagta hai apun hi bhagwan hai.

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AirPods 1 vs AirPods 2

AirPods 2 Comparison Edition 2: Will It Beat AirPods 1?

Hello, and welcome to this edition of AirPods 2 comparison. There are a lot of contenders for the title of the best wireless earphones, and the competition is tight (well, kinda). So in this round, who is the opponent? It’s none other than the first generation AirPods. Now, there are all sorts of confusion about which one to buy (in case you still don’t have a pair) or whether it’s worth upgrading. To make things easier, let’s compare what has changed in AirPods 2.

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