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My AirPods Hurt My Ears: What Can I Do?

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One of the things that I love about AirPods is how universally comfortable and wearable they are. From the first-gen AirPods to the AirPods Pro, I’ve had a generally good experience with all of them. Despite this, I’ve been told that there inevitably exists a small percentage of us who might not find their AirPods as comfortable all the time. So, if you’re one of the people furiously googling “My AirPods hurt my ears, what can I do?”, worry not! Just read on.

Wait out the first few days

Sounds horrible, but I speak from experience for this one. AirPod fit problems are actually pretty common in the first few days of wearing them and take some breaking in, mostly due to the alien feeling that comes with Bluetooth earphones that aren’t supported by anything else. Once you get used to them, you’ll probably come to love them as much as the rest of us do.

Alternate between ears when wearing them for a long time

I know I’m not the only one when I say that my AirPods hurt my ears after a while. This doesn’t happen a lot, but sometimes when you wear them for long stretches of time without a break they do tend to start hurting. If you, too, face this problem, the easiest way is to alternate between the left and right AirPods to give your ears some rest from the hard material.

You might be placing them wrong

This might be a no-brainer, but it’ll surprise you how many people place their AirPods incorrectly and hurt their ears. If your ears hurt when you use your AirPods, it might be because you’re setting them too deep in. I’ve had many friends come to me, complaining, “My AirPods hurt my ears, what can I do?” and half of the time it’s because they’re mindlessly shoving their AirPods in as far as they go.

Believe me when I say that’s not going to do your ears any favours. Plus, it doesn’t ensure that they won’t fall off either; I’ve found that placing them like that actually makes them more prone to falling out. Try to place them comfortably half-way into your ears and you might find that your discomfort is reduced.

But what if they fall out? 

While the AirPods are supposed to universally fit, it might not be the case for everyone. While this issue has been addressed with AirPods Pro, the previous generations of AirPods lack in the size options for silicone tips. You can fix this yourself by getting general silicone earbud covers or tips from the market or creating makeshift ones using tape like this MacRumors reader did. These covers will also help make the AirPods a little bit gentler on your ear due to the soft material.

Even AirPods Pro won’t work for me

Generally speaking, the AirPods Pro is a vast improvement when it comes to fit due to the three sizes of silicone tips that come with it for users with varying ear proportions. In case this doesn’t seem to be working for you, there are a few things you can try.

For one, try interchanging the silicone tip sizes for your ears. It could be that the small size fits one of your ears best while the other feels better with the medium one. Make sure to try on the sizes and experiment a little to find your best fit.

Another solution is using foam to make the silicone tips fit even more snug in your ears as demonstrated on MacStories.

If all else fails

If after all this your AirPods really don’t seem to be working well for you, then you might have to face the disappointing reality that it just wasn’t meant to be. And then, all you can hope to do is find someone willing to buy the pair off you or give it to someone in your family (Unless you’re willing to suffer the discomfort, in which case who are we to judge?).

Luckily, there is now a huge availability of such Bluetooth earphones in the market, so you can always try different ones to see which fit you best. There’s Apple’s own Powerbeats Pro, Samsung Galaxy Buds, Noise Shots, and so many more.

I know, I know, it sucks not to be able to stay in the ecosystem. But it’s far better than suffering from aching ears!Have you had problems with your AirPods? Share how you solved it with the Applesutra community by commenting below or DMing us on Instagram.

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