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    We’re Not Worthy (Or Apple Isn’t): Yup, People Are Selling Out Apple’s ₹1.9K Cleaning Cloth

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    I wish I could say this was a joke. No, Apple’s really selling a cleaning cloth for ₹1,900 and people are actually, really, buying. In fact, they’re buying so much that it’s getting sold out, with delivery dates pushed back further. This premium cloth, which Apple has fancily dubbed “Polishing Cloth”, is available to order on the online store, but earliest shipping dates show up for December… Likely because it was so much in demand.

    And don’t worry, Apple says you can get it on EMI for ₹224/month at 14% p.a. over a 9-month tenure. Whew!

    So, what exactly is this fantastical, one-of-a-kind, polishing cloth that commands such a price and reputation amongst the masses?

    Well… do you remember when Apple launched the Pro Display XDR and its own special cloth with it because none shall touch the holy nano-textured glass except Apple’s very own polishing cloth that’s obviously so much better than any polishing cloth could ever hope to be? Yeah, well, it’s that cleaning cloth, only customers can now buy it directly from Apple’s online store instead of having to contact Apple support to get one.

    Quietly added alongside the other new products revealed at the recent Apple Unleashed event, Apple describes it as “made with soft, non-abrasive material [that] cleans any Apple display, including nano-texture glass, safely and effectively.

    And yes, Apple originally made it specially for that nano-texture glass, which they vehemently say users should never clean using anything but the fancy cloth it comes with to protect it from damage. Fair enough, I guess.

    Why Apple’s releasing it now, almost 2 years later, is anyone’s guess. Maybe they’re really struggling to make ends meet? IDK, but what really takes the cake for me is that the damn polishing cloth comes with a compatibility guide. And unfortunately for users who use iPhone models earlier than iPhone 6 and the first-generation SE… their phones seem to be missing from this list. Alongside iPods earlier than the fourth-generation iPod shuffle and Macs earlier than 2012.

    So, yeah, don’t go purchasing this cloth for those, haha, I know you’re itching to! *finger guns*

    Anyway, what about free engraving on these, huh, Apple? Sure, it’s got that Apple logo, which is what I assume people are shelling out 1,rbucks for, but you’re telling me I can’t even get my name engraved on this glorified ₹10 cleaning cloth? Yeah, I’ll stick to the plain old lens-cleaning cloth I get for free from the eyewear store, thanks.

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