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    Apple’s New MacBook Store is Nothing Short of A Pilgrimage for Apple Lovers!

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    Pooja Ramanujan Jun 28, 2017

    Apple is building a massive MacBook Store. And no, it’s not a store selling only MacBooks. Instead, it’s a store that’s going to look like one giant MacBook from the top!

    As reported by Cult of Mac —

    “Apple’s new Chicago River retail store will look like a massive MacBook Air from the sky!”

    The new MacBook Store, or as it’s being called, is coming up in Chicago and is sure to attract a lot of crowd.

    The report says that they had seen the construction crew install a giant Apple logo on the roof of the building, shielded by an equally large glass panel. They didn’t know at that time that it was supposed to look like a MacBook from the top!

    The Apple logo is a new addition that wasn’t revealed when renderings of the new store were shared in 2015. The electronics giant is moving its flagship Chicago store from 679 N. Michigan Ave. to the north bank of the Chicago River, a development real estate observers say marks a shift in the Mag Mile’s centre of retail gravity.

    Apple is obviously very pleased with how the project is shaping up. And while no official date of inauguration has been finalised, it’s likely that the store will open by the end of this year.

    Our store on North Michigan Avenue has welcomed more than 23 million customers since it opened in 2003 and we’re now creating something even more remarkable for Chicago,” Nick Leahy, an Apple spokesman said.

    Here’s a video of the installation on the roof —

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