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    Apple’s #MadeOniPad Challenges for Students and Teachers

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    Adnan Nensey
    Adnan Nensey Sep 5, 2021

    The pandemic has forced educational institutes to shut physical classes, and the entire system has shifted to remote platforms. In line with the Apple for Education philosophy, the company has launched the Apple #MadeOniPad challenge for educators and learners. Here’s everything you need to know about how to participate.

    Apple for Education Launches Three New Challenges

    To make online classes more interactive, the Cupertino company has come up with three challenges. Each challenge focuses on different parameters and is named after Apple’s educators. The company has requested teachers and students to share their creations using the #EveryoneCanCreate and #MadeOniPad hashtags.

    The tech giant has also created a webpage dedicated to Apple education guides and tools, with tips on using the iPad for creativity. Teachers can create wonderful presentations according to their subjects using Apple’s teacher’s guide section. Depending on the teacher’s preference, educators can fulfil and share any one of the following challenges.

    Jacob Woolcock’s Green Screen Challenge

    For Jacob’s challenge, teachers can engage students by making videos with green screen effects on the iMovie app on iPad. To help you get started, you can access the ‘Everyone Can Create Video’ guide here.

    Tamara Aragon’s Podcast Challenge

    For Tamara’s challenge, educators and students can create voiceover music files for anything they are passionate about. This guide can help learn how to add sound effects and layers to audio files through fun activities.

    Jason Trinh’s Motion Graphics Challenge

    Jason Trinh’s task involves using the Keynote app to create drawings and animated images. This step-by-step guide is also helpful in understanding how to create animated and graphic lessons on your iPad.

    If you’re a teacher, do share your creations with us on our social media! We’d love to see them. And if you aren’t, you can still participate and encourage those you know to take part in the Apple #MadeOniPad challenge. Don’t forget to use the #EveryoneCanCreate and #MadeOniPad hashtags.

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