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    Apple Opens Start-up Accelerator in India!

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    Varun Bhatia
    Varun Bhatia May 21, 2016

    Tim Cook is in India and he’s going nuts!

    He’s partying with the creme d la creme of Bollywood, watching our favourite national pastime cricket, visiting the Siddhivinayak temple (probably praying for higher profits next quarter), and getting pictures clicked with Indian beauties!

    While he’s certainly having a lot of fun, let’s not forget the real reason he’s here: To establish brand Apple in India.

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    Apple’s growth plan in India is balanced on many pillars, the most ambitious one being opening the iconic Apple Stores in India. The second step involves building the Apple ecosystem from the ground up.

    In order to further that interest, Apple has decided to set up a start-up accelerator in India.

    Through the programme, Apple wants to be a part of India’s rapidly growing startup scene. More specifically, it wants to fund/guide companies that build iOS apps in India.

    It’s reportedly the “the first such initiative by the company”.

    The fact that Apple is showing interest in Indian startups shows two things:

    1. The startup scene is really the future of Indian economy, and
    2. Apple doesn’t just want to sell more products here, instead, it wants to be a fundamental part of the growth process. Something it hasn’t done for any other country, except the US.

    If you’re an Apple fan, these are good times for you to live in because the company is going all out for India. The table is warm and the chips are falling in heaps. Looks like India will soon start to cash in on this Apple-sponsored Casino Royale!

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