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    Tie-Up Of Apple With Paytm Mall To Sell Apple Products In India

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    With one swift signature, Apple anointed Paytm Mall as its official selling partner in India! As a part of the deal, Paytm gets bragging rights, and can list Apple’s entire product range with an authorized tag (the mark of genuineness).

    As for Apple, this deal means that the Cook now has ties with the three big wigs in the e-com industry – Flipkart, Amazon India, and now, Paytm mall! Well played, Cook!

    There’s More!

    Apparently, Apple wasn’t happy with the huge discounts offered by third-party sellers on its product. So, in an attempt to control the prices and our happiness, Apple stated that it would also list Paytm Mall as an authorized reseller of its devices in India. Goodbye, beloved discounts, hello broke life! 

    The only ray of hope we could find was an executive’s statement to The Economics Times. “While Amazon, Flipkart, and Paytm Mall will have to adhere to the business terms set by Apple, they can have promotions where they can have special prices for a limited period of time only.”

    God bless his soul.

    Srinivas Mothey, Sr. Vice President, Paytm Mall said, “We are excited to partner with Apple to directly start selling the latest editions of iPhone, iPad, and other Apple products in India. Paytm Mall is one of India’s leading sellers of premium mobile phones, and adding Apple’s range will further strengthen our list of offering to our customers. Our customers will also be eligible to avail offers such as additional discounts on select credit cards and cashbacks. All latest Apple products will be available on our platform and will come with a valid Standard Apple Warranty.” 

    Good Things in the Future?

    Anyhoo, it seems like Paytm Mall has been busy upping its ante in the heavily competitive e-commerce ecosystem of India. And given the undying love for Apple in India, this deal could work wonders for both parties! 

    But before I sign off, does the term forensic audit mean something to you? No? Well, it sure does mean a lot to Paytm, since it’s under forensic audit. Yup, you heard that right! Paytm Mall’s employees were under suspicion for a potential scam. So much for a perfect partnership!  

    Want an iPhone? Paytm Karo! (We know you sang it in your head, don’t lie.)

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