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    Apple Watch Price Reduced in India, But We Aren’t Happy!

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    Varun Bhatia
    Varun Bhatia Mar 26, 2016

    Yesterday we reported that Apple had discontinued the crowd favorite iPhone 5S. Let us supplement that with a (sort of) good news today – Apple has cut the price of Apple Watch in India by Rs. 5,000!

    With the revised price, the base model — the Sport variant, 38 mm — is now available for just 25,900 INR.

    This reduction in India comes as part of the international price cut that Apple had announced at their Town Hall Keynote on March 21, where Tim Cook happily declared that there was going to be a  50 USD discount on the Sport variant. Considering Apple’s weird strategy of maintaining high prices in India, we are pleasantly surprised to see  that the price cut has been extended to us as well.

    But wait, there’s a catch …

    Sadly, the price reduction applies only and only to the 38mm Sport model. All other variants will continue to sell at old prices. Even the 42mm Sport model doesn’t get a discount! C’mon Apple! That’s just stupid!!

    This is how the new Apple Watch price structure in India looks:

    • Apple Watch Sport: 38mm for Rs. 25,900 (down from 30,900), 42mm for Rs. 35,900
    • Apple Watch: 38mm for Rs. 48,900, 42mm for Rs. 52,900
    • Apple Watch Edition: 38mm for Rs. 8,20,000, 42mm for Rs. 9,90,000

    Mixed Feelings

    If you like the 38mm Apple Watch Sport model but were holding back because of the high price, this is a good time for you to make the move.

    But if, like us, you were waiting for a discount on the 42mm version (or the higher models), this news is only going to add to your frustration. Hopefully, Apple will realize the absurdity and extend the discount to the bigger model as well. 

    PS: What about the iPad Air?

    At the same event, Apple had also announced a price reduction of $100 on the iPad Air 2. In case you are wondering, this price revision is yet to be replicated in the Indian market. If and when it does, we can expect a substantial drop in the price of the iPad Air 2 too. We’ll let you know either way.

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