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Fortune 500 Rankings Crowns Apple as World’s Most Profitable Company

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Amit Srivatsa
Amit Srivatsa Jul 27, 2017

Apple was once again listed at the top in Fortune’s annual ranking of U.S companies that’s shaping the corporate world.

In the 63rd composition of Fortune Magazine’s list of Fortune 500 companies, Apple has grabbed the third spot in revenue, ranking behind Walmart and Berkshire Hathaway. Although when you look at the profitability, the company rescinds all its competitors by a huge margin with a $45.7 billion turnover, behind them is J.P Morgan Chase at $24.7 billion.  

Other notable placements:

Among other big names that entered the list is Alphabet which ranked 5th for profits and 27th for revenue. Microsoft is at 28th and 7th for profits and revenue respectively and Intel is at 32nd in profits and 16th at revenue.

Some newcomers added to the list from the tech industry are Tesla at 383, Nvidia at 387, Adobe Systems at 443 and Activision Blizzard at 406. Hewlett Packard’s returned after a long hiatus and ranked at 59th in revenue.

 The Fortune 500

The Fortune 500 represents 2/3rd of the U.S GDP with $12 trillion in revenue, $19 trillion in market value and $890 billion in profits in total. They also employ 28.2 million people worldwide.

The total revenue for the respective fiscal year is considered to rank the companies in the Fortune 500. The surveys include companies that are incorporated in the U.S, operate in the U.S and also file financial statements. They exclude the private companies that are not filed with a government agency or companies incorporated outside of the U.S and also the companies that are consolidated by other companies that file with a government agency.

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