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    Apple App Tracking

    Due to Apple’s App Tracking Transparency, Advertisers Are Spending More on Android Tracking App

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    Adnan Nensey
    Adnan Nensey Jul 5, 2021

    Since Apple pushed App Tracking Transparency with iOS 14.5, you have the option to decline an app to track you. According to Wall Street Journal, 67% of iOS users declined Apple apps to track them using the transparency framework. Naturally, advertisers are now focusing more of their efforts on targeting Android users due to this decision.

    Advertisers now targeting Android users

    Although Mark Zuckerberg has accused Apple of impacting small businesses, the Cupertino company isn’t backing out from their transparency framework. According to Tenjin Inc, advertisers spent nearly 10% more on Android and significantly reduced spending on iOS devices between June-July.

    One of the major reasons digital advertisers are spending more on targeting Android users is the lack of collecting relevant data from iOS devices. Many advertisers like Facebook collect background information like your interests and preferences to display targeted ads. However, due to the lack of proper data on iOS users, Advertisers can’t determine if potential customers are actually seeing their ads.

    Apple’s App Tracking Privacy: A nightmare for advertisers

    According to Statcounter, about 72.8% of smartphones worldwide use Google’s operating system and about 26.4% are iPhones. If only 33% of iOS users opt-in for app tracking, the numbers are too low to justify spendings for iOS devices. Thus, we can a spike in app money spent on Android for tracking apps is expected in the near future.

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