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    Hey Apple, What’s With The 76 Degree Freakiness?

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    Apple has control issues. We all know that. It is the Monica Geller of the tech industry. There is a perverse pride that Apple derives from being able to control tiny, minuscule details that are apparently inconsequential.

    For example, did you know that the MacBooks on display at any Apple Store are supposed to be displayed at 76 degrees exactly?

    Seriously, Apple? That specific? We wonder if Tim Cook takes his morning coffee with exactly 7.6 grams of sugar. Or maybe Jony Ive works out just enough to burn exactly 97 calories.

    The MacBooks were previously required to be displayed at 70 degree. That was changed to make it a slightly uncomfortable to view. Sounds counter-intuitive right?

    Well, the idea was that if you are not able to see the screen properly, you would instinctively reach out and adjust the tilt, thereby getting a first-hand impression of how wonderfully tactile the MacBooks really are!

    Apple had also found a way to make this boring job fun. The Apple employees at the Store would use the “Simply Angle” app on their iPhones to adjust the angle of tilt.

    What’s interesting is that the app has since gone off the AppStore. Some say it was done deliberately by Apple, to force their competitors to use a physical protractor if they wanted to copy Apple. Making the process tedious would definitely have discouraged a few copy cats.

    We also know how much market research goes into making any decision. We can only wonder how much they’d have spent on this? Maybe $ 76,000?

    But why precisely 76? Why not a pleasant, well-rounded 75? For that, we have no answer. If you do, then please let us know. We’d be glad to have solved Puzzle #12 of the Tim Cook Book of Secrets!


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