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    7 Mac Menu Bar Apps That Boost Productivity

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    A Mac’s menu bar is the best place to keep a track of all that your Mac is doing. When utilised correctly, the menu bar can boost your productivity significantly.

    We’ve compiled a list of our favorite apps that’ll sit neatly in your Menu Bar and make your life a lot easier to deal with.

    Disclaimer: And by that we mean that these apps will only help you with your work. That messy life of yours? Well, that’s on your own head. Don’t expect any help about that here.


    Cut the background noise in your home or office with this simple app. It has lots of customization options allowing you to choose the type of sounds you want to hear and how loud they should be. If you’re the kind who gets easily distracted, this app is perfect for you.


    This one is for all the readers out there. One is a news aggregator that brings you the latest posts from your favorite websites like Reddit, Product Hunt, Medium, etc. It’s just like Feedly, but much more simplistic and for a very few selected sites only.


    The #1 productivity on the Mac App Store for a very long time, Paste is your one stop solution to the single highest used feature on any system, ever: Cut-Copy-Paste.

    Their website’s description of the App is just one sentence — “It keeps everything you’ve ever copied and lets you use your clipboard history whenever you need it.”

    Paste will remember everything you copied, and will remember it forever! Be it text, images, links or even files, Paste will store all of that and even categorise them by “type” to allow you to search through them faster.


    You know in your iPad and iPhone, how the network icon (wifi/3G/LTE) starts animating when you start using data? Well, Loading does the same for Mac. It goes a step further, however, and shows you exactly which apps are using the network at a given moment.

    Very useful if you use a limited data network and want to keep a track of apps that are eating up your data without your knowledge.


    For all you music lovers out there, this app could be your best friend. With just one click from the menu bar, Simplify lets you control a host of music apps. The supported list includes the desktop apps (Spotify, iTunes, Rdio, etc) as well as web-based streaming apps (Pandora, Deezer, etc).

    Memory Clean

    Easily the best memory cleaner out there, this app is a must have for any Mac user. The latest version offers a neat design to go along with its comprehensive cleaning ability.

    A word of caution, though. We’ve experienced that older Macs tend to get slow (or even hang sometimes) for the duration of time the app cleans the memory. So if you’re using a Mac older than mid-2012, expect some lag.


    Now that you’ve got so many apps in the menu bar, it’s bound to get crowded! Here’s one final app to organise your menu bar itself.

    Quickly reorder apps in menu bar according to your preference. You can also hide them all away under one single button if you want to keep the menu bar clear and tidy.

    How many of these apps were you already using? Write to us if you’ve got any other productivity apps you use regularly, and we’ll be happy to update the list.

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