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    Big New Features on Their Way for Instagram

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    Pooja Ramanujan
    Pooja Ramanujan Apr 25, 2018

    Instagram has become one of the most used applications in the past few years, owing to the changed interface and the ever-upgrading features.

    Instagram has been updating its features over the course of time at a persistent pace. Furthermore, as the number of users are increasing, and since Instagram has become one of the business platforms, the new features are required for better picturisation. Current research and development for the application’s code suggest that Instagram is upgrading to include quite a lot of new features. It’s not yet announced as to when the users will be able to access these features, but you should definitely keep an eye out for it.


    Cinemagraphs are a moving image in between a still animation and a photo, where only a small part of the image is in motion. The interesting part of the picture is highlighted, and these moving images are used as a sticker to make it look creative in some way.

    Organise Your Conversations

    Instagram is testing the feature of initiating a chat, which makes it easier to find the other Instagram account and mark it as a favourite. The star to mark the Instagram account as favourite is positioned on the upper right-hand corner of a chat. Users will also be able to star specific messages within a chat to easily remember it later.

    Download Your Data

    Even though nowadays all the data is saved on Cloud, it’s also important to have your data and information saved elsewhere. Instagram seems to be considering to allow its users to download all their data. WhatsApp, like Instagram, is another subsidiary of Facebook, and is due to upgrade this feature in its app.

    Universal Portrait Mode

    Instagram seems to be working on upgrading its portrait mode. While converting the computer legible code into human legible source code, the Android version’s code displays a file called “portrait_shutter_icon.png”. This button will substitute the normal shutter button while clicking or filming within the application’s portrait mode.

    At first, this seems to be a type of ‘universal’ portrait mode, free of the user’s device’s hardware. In theory, it is expected to create portraits using artificial intelligence, even if there is no typical hardware on the phone.

    Although Instagram is repeatedly testing innovative features, there’s no news about when they will appear publicly. However, consumers have witnessed a substantial share of test features on the final interface of the application.

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