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    Is Apple Forcing You to Buy New iPhone Chargers?

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    Ashrita Dkhar
    Ashrita Dkhar Feb 13, 2019

    Of the many lawsuits that Apple is embroiled in, the most recent one is a new class-action lawsuit filed by a California law firm on the grounds that the company regularly updated their iPhones with new requirements, forcing owners of iOS devices to buy new chargers.

    According to the statement claimed in the suit, thousands of iPhone users across the globe, especially in the US, started to face issues with their older model iPhones around November 2016. There were also claims that their chargers no longer worked with their iPhones.

    The lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the Central District of California, and the main plaintiff is Monica Emerson, with the suit filed ‘on behalf of all other members of the public similarly situated,'” reported the Apple Insider.

    She decided to take the company to court after she was fed up with the need to buy new chargers after regular iOS updates. She claims that her old charger suddenly stopped working with her iPhone.

    The lawsuit also had additional notes claiming that the chargers were produced by the giant tech and not a third party company in charge of manufacturing their devices.

    They claimed that in the plaintiff’s case, she updated her iOS in October 2017 after which her iPhone displayed the message “this accessory may not be supported” when she attempted to charge it.

    The report also added that the tech corporation forced its users to update their iOS, and the updated iOS were designed and programmed not to be compatible with old iPhone chargers.

    This essentially means that every time you update your iPhone iOS, you have to spend some bucks on a new charger. Otherwise, what’s the point in having an iPhone if it’s dead?

    In response to the “accessory may not be supported” display message, the Cupertino-based company’s support states that it could be due to numerous reasons, including defective or damaged accessory.

    Although it remains to be seen who wins the lawsuit, it is, in fact, a growing concern amongst iPhone users that they frequently have to buy new chargers, either because the wires are too fragile and keep breaking or because their iPhone no longer supports them. Perhaps that’s how the billion-dollar company is making their revenue. If people can’t afford to buy a dozen iPhones in a year, they can definitely buy chargers instead, right?

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