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    Dear Obsessive Cleaners, This is How You Keep iPhone Charging Port Dirt-Free

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    I have a theory about people who use Apple products. I believe they spend one-third of their lives cleaning whatever device (or devices) they’ve bought. They polish it, dust it, wipe off fingerprint smudges, go after it with a lint-free cloth, and lovingly scrub away any signs of wear and tear. God forbid if their iPhone, iPad, or iMac should look used. At all times, they have to remain pristine and sparkling, glowing with the rich aura of the money you spent on it.

    But like every house that has its impossible corners, the iPhone has the charging port. It’s a dust magnet that devours dust, gunk, and goop from the pocket, the handbag, the sofa, or the bed where you keep it. While this is mildly irritating now, the build up can cause charging problems over time.

    So, how do you clean the charging port that is so difficult to clean? Most people go straight for that can of compressed air, but since Apple advises against using it, you’d better put it away. Thankfully, you can find a solution in two of the most mundane things lying around the house – some toothpicks and a wad of cotton.

    Start by powering down your iPhone. Now, wrap a little bit of cotton on the pointed edge of the toothpick. Don’t use a lot, or you’ll never be able to stick the toothpick inside the charging port. There should be just enough cotton to cover the sharp point so that you don’t damage the electronic pins inside the charging port.

    If you have a flashlight, shine it into the charging port to catch sight of the debris you’re trying to clean. It’s going to be difficult to see into that tiny hole, but it will help you get a good look at the build up inside.

    Using the cotton covered toothpick, start scraping and poking slightly to dislodge the dirt. Be patient, it’s going to take some time to loosen the debris, but eventually, you’ll be able to get most of it out. Keep repeating this step until you’re sure there’s no more gunk inside.

    Don’t use anything other than a toothpick – like a straight pin or a paper clip – to clean the charging port. You could damage the pins inside. The toothpick is slightly less harsh so it won’t do much damage. Then again, don’t go around poking too hard inside there. Be gentle, be patient, and it will come out. And you can proudly claim to have cleaned your iPhone inside out.

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