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    Apple Just Announced 30% Discount on iPhone XR – YES, REALLY!

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    Umm, so we’re here again, and this time we’ve got a REAL APPLE SALE FOR YOU! Just 3 days ago we played an April Fool’s Day prank by writing about a non-existent iPhone sale and now, in a weird twist, Apple India has actually announced a massive discount on iPhone XR models!

    The Big News

    Apple is offering never-before discount on iPhone XR prices in India to counter the dismal sales of the 2018 iPhones. A lot of factors have contributed to bad sales including higher than usual price tags, the steadily depreciating Rupee against the fast-growing Dollar, and cutthroat competition in the premium smartphone industry owing to players like Samsung and OnePlus. To counter all this, in a last-ditch effort, Apple has announced a limited time discount on the iPhone XR.

    Discounted iPhone XR Prices

    •    The 64GB iPhone XR will retail for ₹59,900, a 22% drop from its list price of Rs. 76,900.

    •    As for the 128GB model, the discounted price is ₹64,900, a major drop from the original price tag of ₹81,900.

    •    The 256GB iPhone XR will be available for 74,900, down Rs. 17,000 from ₹91,900.

    Cashback on HDFC Cards

    If those prices weren’t mouth-watering enough, Apple is also offering a 10% cashback for all customers who pay using an HDFC Bank debit or credit card. This offer is available for those swiping the whole amount at once, as well as for those choosing to go for either the 12 or 24 month EMI options.

    So, for all you HDFC loyalists (and those of you who fell over yourself to get an HDFC card the moment the news of this offer dropped) here are the prices you’ll get-

    •    The 64GB iPhone XR model: Rs. 53,900 (That’s a 30% discount on the list price!)

    •    The 128GB iPhone XR: Rs. 58,400

    •    The 256GB iPhone XR: Rs. 67,400

    We (Kind Of) Predicted This!

    For those of you still hating on us for getting your hopes up with that April Fool’s Day article, we’re sorry! But hey, what are the chances we accidentally prophesied this or made it come true through positive manifestation. What voodoo, right? Well, either way, I for one wished I’d joked about a discount on MacBooks as well because my laptop is two minutes from falling apart. Sigh. But my sorrows aside, go forth and conquer this sale! Who knows if an opportunity like this will ever roll out again?!

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