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    This Neat Feature Will Help You Find Your iPhone with Apple Watch

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    Every iPhone comes pre-loaded with a “Find my iPhone” feature. That involves using a browser to log-in to iCloud. However, this neat little feature will help you find your iPhone using your Apple Watch. 

    Here’s how to find your iPhone using you Apple Watch.

    1. Press the Digital Crown button on the Apple Watch to come to main watch Face.
    2. Now, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to bring up the control panel.
    3. You will notice that there’s “connected” written in green, at the top of your watch face.
    4. Among the menu items, a small icon of an iPhone.
    5. That’s the Find Your iPhone button.
    6. Press it to make your iPhone beep a sonar-like ping.
    7. Press and Hold to make your iPhone beep and the flash the flashlight!!!

    Screenshots courtesy of iMore which gives a disclaimer:

    Your phone needs to be turned on and have Bluetooth enabled for this to work, and it will only ping the iPhone your Apple Watch is paired with; you can’t currently find other devices in this manner.

    So obviously, it’s a bit restricted way of doing things. But if you do have an Apple Watch, you can’t deny that this is quite handy!!

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