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    Help Fellow Drivers; Use Google Maps App to Report Road Incidents

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    Team Applesutra Nov 29, 2019

    If you ever wanted to be a traffic cop or a reporter, iOS, in association with Google Maps, gives you that golden chance. Using your iOS mobile platform, you can report road incidents like accidents, speed traps, traffic slowdown, and every darn thing that’s causing a nuisance on your way to the office.

    Going into the technicalities of this feature, there are four types of road hazards under which you can report an incident.

    – Construction (because India is an ‘under-construction’ country)

    – Lane closures (chakka jam protest, demand for reservation, wedding procession … there could any number of reasons) 

    – Disabled vehicle (toppled truck, busted tires, overturned bullock cart … our vehicles tend to break down. A lot!) 

    – And, finally, object on the road (debris, busted water pipes, cow giving birth … you’ll be surprised by all that happens on our roads)         

    You’re probably asking the same question as I did after reading this, “Who are we reporting this to?” Here’s your answer: No one, in particular! You’re just helping out your fellow road drivers and ensuring that they avoid the traffic snarl you’re probably stuck in. All the reported incidents will be updated on Google Maps so that users can plan their ride accordingly.  

    Finally, how can you be a responsible driver on the road? Go to Google Maps, tap on the Plus sign (+), and then on ‘Add a Report’. Put down your observations and help your fellow drivers have a safe and hassle-free drive around the city. There, you’ve done your good deed of the day. Feel proud of yourself! 

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