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    Train For Marathons Season With New Buddies

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    Pooja Ramanujan
    Pooja Ramanujan Oct 17, 2015

    Now that Airtel Delhi Half Marathon is just a month away and Mumbai Marathon three months later, don’t you think it is time to take those trainers out of your closet? Easier said than done, right! Now, you must be wondering who’s going to take the pains to exercise and get back in shape?

    The answer is simple – your iPhone will. For fellow comrades who own an iPhone, staying fit has just gotten a whole easier. Thanks to the new HealthKit platform, which came with the recently-launched iOS 8, the user can monitor his or her health with the help of a range of HealthKit-integrated apps.
    Although, after an iOS 8 bug forced Apple to pull all HealthKit-enabled apps from its App store on September 18, it definitely killed the dreams of many who wanted those long-promised health and fitness features. However, the apps were back in the store again in less than two weeks. While everything is now under Apple’s control, you can now enjoy a variety of apps to prepare yourself for the marathon. For instance, FitPort ($1.99) monitors health information and keeps a record of tracks steps taken and calories burned. Another app, WebMD syncs biometric data such as weight, BP, sleep, steps and blood glucose by directly connecting with Apple’s Health app so that the user can accordingly plan his health and fitness goals. Other HealthKit-enabled apps are Yummly, WebMD, Carrot Fit and MyFitnessPal – all of which require iOS 8.0.2 to run.

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