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    3 Amazing New Things iPads Can Do with iOS9

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa Sep 18, 2015

    That Apple brings forth innovation in every new device it creates is a universally acknowledged fact. With the rolling out the much-anticipated iOS 9, it has unleashed a fresh wave of cutting edge features. While most updates are available on across iOS devices, some are restricted just to the iPads. Let us take a look at the three big iPad only features in iOS 9. Split View is an amazing feature that makes it possible for you to run two simultaneous apps rather than toggling between various applications. Seems like a pretty straightforward feature, but there’s a lot more between the lines. You can allocate screen space for each app any way you want, it doesn’t need to be 50-50 split always. What’s more, the iPad will remember the positioning of the previously opened apps and will place it at that exact spot on the screen.

    Slide-Over is another feature that you will enjoy on your tablet. This enables better multitasking on the device. In order to activate slide-over, you need to slide from right to left and select the desired app. Once done working on the newly opened app, a simple touch to the left closes this app to make way for the one being used earlier.

    Picture-in-Picture makes it possible for you to use apps while making video calls or watching online videos. The touch of the rectangular button with an arrow inside at the right bottom puts the video in the background and enables you to use the desired app. This features is limited to Apple’s own apps to being with, but third party apps will soon be added it as a standard feature.

    We are sure that these features will make your iPad a lot more convenient and intuitive to use. You’re going to fall in love with your tablet all over again!

    PS: split view is only available on iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 and the upcoming iPad Pro.

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