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    iOS 9’s Proactive Intelligence Explained

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    Pooja Ramanujan
    Pooja Ramanujan Sep 19, 2015

    We all know what Siri can do for iPhone users. But now, there’s Proactive Intelligence, another flagship feature of Apple’s iOS 9 that is all about working out what you plan to do next; after which, it tries to help you do whatever it is you want to do.

    And as it learns of your habits, it will offer you an array of shortcuts to do new things! All you have to do is swipe to get to the Proactive display on the left of your iOS home screen or tap the shortcut logo at the bottom left corner of the phone.

    Now before you explore further, take a look at few things that Proactive Intelligence can actually do for you.

    1) Take regular calls

    Good! Because if you call someone regularly at a specific time, Proactive Intelligence will automatically place that person’s icon on your Search screen around the time you generally speak with me. Cool, isn’t it?

    2) Unknown callers, no more!

    You get a call from a number not saved in your contacts. However, if that number is in an email you received, Proactive will let you know the (possible) identity of the caller. Alternatively, if you get a call from an altogether, which is neither in your archives or contact list, Proactive will give you information about where it’s originating from.

    3) Got an email with reservation info?

    No problem! You won’t need to create a calendar entry manually. Proactive will block your calendar for that particular flight, meeting, or dinner event!

    4) Writing an email to multiple recipients?

    That’s easy because you don’t need to remember all the names. Proactive will automatically suggest names of those you’ve included in group emails before.

    5) Never get stuck in traffic

    Proactive will get you all the info you need on real-time traffic along with an estimate of how long it will take to reach to your destination.

    6) Siri at your service

    As soon as you connect the iPhone to your car, Siri will ask if you want to continue listening to whatever you were listening to last time you were in the car. Spooky!

    Proactive sounds like an amazing addition to the latest iPhone. If you’re unsure about why you need it or how it’s going to benefit, why don’t you just wait till it launches in September. No harm in trying it out first-hand, is there?

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