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    Rs. 34000 Exchange, 50% Buyback & Price Discounts on iPhone 6S & 6S Plus

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    Varun Bhatia
    Varun Bhatia Nov 11, 2015

    A large number of Apple lovers, us included, believe that the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S are too highly priced in India. The increase of Rs. 10,000, that too for ‘S’ upgrades was a dangerous strategy. Subsequently, when we hear reports of 15-20% fall in sales this year, we are not surprised at all.

    It seems that Apple has very quickly realised its mistake and is taking all possible corrective actions. The discounts haven’t just come much quicker than we expected, they are very lucrative as well. Here are some of the best deals running on iPhone 6S and 6S currently:

    Exchange Scheme

    Who is running the offer: Apple India’s distributor Ingram Micro

    What’s the offer?

    • Exchange your old smartphone for iPhone 6S or 6S Plus
    • The maximum buyback amount being offered is Rs. 34,000 for iPhone 6
    • The scheme is not limited to iPhones, you can also sell high-end Samsung phones

    Is it is a good option?

    The offer was introduced in select outlets in South India just a couple of days back and many details (like buyback amounts for other models) are not available yet. It is expected to be launched across India in a short while. The feasibility of the scheme will depend on the availability and terms & conditions.

    Buyback Scheme

    Who is running the offer: Ecommerce portal Snapdeal

    Is it is a good option?

    • When you buy your iPhone 6S or 6S plus from Snapdeal, you get a guaranteed buy back offer
    • If you sell the phone back to Snapdeal’s partner Reglobe within 6 months you get 50% of the price
    • If you sell the phone back to them within 6-15 months you get 40% of the price
    • The buyback price guarantee is subject to conditions like damage to the phone, availability of accessories & bill etc.

    Is it a good option?

    It’s definitely an interesting offer. The big catch is obviously the lack of clarity on exactly what price you will get after 6 months. Such offers generally come with too many conditions. Also, going by its reviews, we aren’t very sure whether Snapdeal is the right place to buy such an expensive gadget.

    Price Discounts

    Who is running the offer: Retail and Online sellers like Amazon, Croma, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.

    What’s the offer?

    • Simple price discounts on the list prices of both models
    • There are already discounts available on online purchase, around 7-10%.
    • Additional cash back offers and gift cards make the deal sweeter.

    Is it is a good option?

    It’s by far the most hassle free option. Yes, you’ll need to scour online portals and retail stores for deals, but there is no uncertainty regarding the buy back value or exchange price you’ll get after 6 months.

    So these are the 3 main types of deals you can get on the latest iPhones. Which one will you go for? Or will you wait it out some more in anticipation of even better offers? Let us know.

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