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    Here’s How You Can Use the Optical Zoom on iPhone 7 Plus Like a Pro!

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    We all love taking pictures. The more pictures we take, the more we can delude ourselves that we had a good time. And of course, the likes and comments that pour into our social media account are always an ego booster, right?

    Well, all you amateur and aspiring photographers out there, listen up. If you’ve got an iPhone 7 Plus, you should know that it comes with a dual camera lens. The secondary lens allows for 2x optical zoom, which lets you take almost professional quality images. But, before we explain how to use it to your advantage, let’s clarify the difference digital and optical zoom.

    Optimal Zoom vs Digital Zoom

    Ordinarily, when we take a photo, we pinch and zoom to close in on the object. That’s what’s known as digital zoom, which uses software processing to bring the subject of the photo closer. Optical zoom, on the other hand, manipulates the secondary lens of the iPhone to close in on the subject. It’s always advisable to use the optical zoom, because it uses the camera’s hardware, not software, to bring the subject closer, thereby resulting in better quality images.

    Now, let’s find out how you can use the optical zoom 2x lens on iPhone 7 Plus to take some great photos.

    1. Pull up the camera on your iPhone 7 Plus
    2. Of all the options you see below – Slo-Mo, Video, Square, Pano – select ‘Photo Mode’.
    3. Located near the camera shutter button, you’ll spot a circle with the words 1x written in it. Tap it.
    4. The camera will immediately zoom in onto the subject, bringing it twice as close. You’ll see a 2x notification in the circle
    5. Take your picture just the way you normally would.
    6. Tap the 2x to come back to the regular 1x mode. That’s it!

    The optical zoom works with Live Photos, HDR, Video, Camera Self Timer, Camera Flash, and filters, too.

    Now, go forth and use the power of optical zoom to capture some great memories. All the best!

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