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    Apple Increases iPhone Prices in India after Budget Announcement

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    With the hike in customs duty levied on imported phones from 15% to 20%, iPhone prices in India have gone further up.

    The iPhone X 64GB has reached a new MRP of Rs. 95,390 (up from Rs. 92,430), and the  256GB iPhone X has touched a new benchmark of whooping Rs. 1,08,930 (up from Rs. 1,05,720).

    Similar increase has been reported all other iPhone models, expect the iPhone SE. Here’s the new prices of iPhone 8 models:

    iPhone 8 (64GB) to Rs. 67,940 from Rs. 66,120

    iPhone 8 (256GB) to  Rs. 81,500 from Rs. 79,420

    iPhone 8 Plus (64GB) to Rs. 77,560 from Rs. 75,450

    iPhone 8 Plus (256GB) to Rs. 91,110 from Rs. 88,750

    We believe that Apple is not doing itself any favours by repeatedly bumping up the prices of already overprices iPhone models in a price sensitive country like India. The INR cost of these phones is already way too much as compared to the USA and other countries and now it’s touch impractical levels for most people.

    Yes, we acknowledge that the price increase is a result of custom duty hike that is not Apple’s doing. But Apple surely has big enough profit margins to absorb the increase instead of passing it on to its customers. Time and again, we hope that Apple will rational its pricing in India, and time and again the opposite happens. Hopefully Apple will change it course, and hopefully they will do it before it’s too late.

    PS: Prices for other Apple products like Apple Watch have also been increased in India. So if you were hoping Apple will at least spare its less popular products, you are in for a disappointment there as well.

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