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Thanks to iPhone Sales, Apple is Making More Profits than Microsoft and Alphabet Put Together

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Varun Bhatia
Varun Bhatia Aug 19, 2017

iPhone sales are usually industry shattering, we already knew that, right? But what we didn’t know what just how disruptive the iPhone has been. New data shows that Apple has made more profit from iPhone sales than Google (Alphabet) and Microsoft combined!

Let’s take a step back and realise the scale of profits we are referring to. With over 85% of the PC market share going to Windows, Microsft literally owns the PC market worldwide. The same is true for Android (Google) as well — it runs on nearly 88% of all smartphones worldwide.

So you see, in terms of market share, Apple is not merely losing the race, it’s losing by a long, long margin!

For all the popularity that Apple enjoys, its control over the either of the market — be it PC or smartphone — is barely over 10%. Google and Microsoft are way ahead of Apple and it doesn’t look like Apple is going to overrun them anytime soon.

“And yet, in both cases, their businesses pale in comparison to Apple’s world of brushed aluminum and polished glass,” says Quartz.

And that’s thanks to the incredible figures of iPhone sales! Here’s a look at how the iPhone has performed since its launch in 2007:

Notice how for the first half of the past decade, the iPhone didn’t really make much of an impression. But then around the ’12-’13 year mark, it just shoots up. That’s when Apple made its foray into the Asian and the South-American markets. Most noticeably, in China and Brazil respectively.

And now Apple is trying to do that in India, because while the rest of the global smartphone market is cooling off, India is just warming up. With less than 5% of smartphone penetration in India, there’s a huge potential for Apple to hit it out of the ballpark in terms of iPhone sales.

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