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    Two Thieves caught in Delhi with Stolen iPhones Worth 2.25 Crores!

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    Pooja Ramanujan
    Pooja Ramanujan Sep 20, 2016

    Have you ever done something so horrible in your life that you regretted it within seconds? I am guessing you’re either nodding your head right now, or, you’re lying.

    For most of us, this moment, while disastrous, was of hardly any consequence. Maybe you drunk dialed your ex and cursed at him or you picked a fight with a guy twice your size. It hurt, yes, but you eventually got over it. But, for these two “gentlemen” from Delhi, that moment of regret is going to last a long, long time!

    Mehtab Alam and Arman, are two young guys in their twenties living in Mahipalpur, New Delhi. These two enterprising individuals decided they’d had enough of their boring jobs and decided to spice up their life with some adventure.

    (Spoiler alert: This story is not going to end well.)

     This is the idea they came up with: Let’s go and loot a whole lot of iPhones. They zeroed in on a truck they used to drive themselves. Familiar with its schedule, they intercepted the truck full of iPhone 5S near Rajokri flyover and held the driver captive at gunpoint.

    Great. Let’s add assault and battery to the charges of armed robbery. Having fun yet?

    Unfortunately for the two geniuses, their collective imagination was only capable of so much. Within 48 hours, both of them were apprehended in Vasant Kunj. There were 900 phones on the truck, estimated to be over 2.25 crores, and they hadn’t managed to sell off even one.

    So close and yet, so far!

    A shout-out to our law enforcement officers who nabbed these thieves. Well done! But, proud as we are of them, as Delhiites and fanboys both, we believe it couldn’t have taken a lot of intelligence to apprehend these dimwits. They are far from being the crime master Gogos of their chosen trade.

    And guys, the next time you feel like living up to the motto “Aaj kuch toofani karte hain”, just make sure you’re not paving a road straight to jail. Or to becoming the biggest jokers in the criminal community!

    *Goes into a corner and laughs to death*

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