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    You Can Now Get 22% Discount on iPhone XR on Amazon

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    Hola fellas! Friday usually has us shouting TGIF. But, not today! Coz, for once, there’s something worth more than TGIFS, especially for them Apple fanboys.

    So, as many (all) of you know, Apple took our April Fool’s joke a little too seriously and started dishing out massive discounts on iPhone XR on all three storage variants. I ain’t the one to freak out over a measly sales on Apple products (What! It’s true!) But, this one definitely deserves a full-blown freak out session!

    Anyhoo, once I gained my composure, I got started on the game plan for the big moment. The moment when Apple would open its retail stores and allow us to hand over our life’s savings for the pleasure of owning it’s (almost) latest handset at DISCOUNTED prices. I was all set up with my camping gear, snacks and H2O coz you gotta stay hydrated when standing in those lines! Well, it turns out, I don’t need them! And you don’t either!

    All hail Amazon, the Lord Almighty who saved us from endless lines, dehydration and sunburn! The limited offer that was available at Apple retail stores is now live on Amazon India! So, after the price cut, iPhone XR with 64GB storage will retail for Rs. 59,900 on Amazon.in.

    Here’s the link for discounted iPhone XR on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2KfDa87

    Oh and here’s the twist you’ve been waiting for! The additional cashback offers on HDFC debit and credit cards is not available online. Well, something’s better than nothing right!

    Besides, let’s just be thankful that Apple had mercy on us sorry souls and spared us a camping session right outside its retail store. Amazon, here we come!

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