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    Meet Next-Gen iPod Touch: The Newbie in the Town

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    Team Applesutra Sep 3, 2019

    Four years after the last upgrade of iPod Touch in 2015, Apple surprised us all with the new iPod. The new iPod Touch is powered by Apple’s A10 Fusion Chip. This is the same SoC found in the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and the 2018 iPad. The new iPod Touch is already available in the United States, Canada and, other twenty-five countries. In India, it will be available from next month. 

    Earlier, on July 2015, iPod Touch was refreshed along with upgrades to the iPod Shuffle and iPod nano. That update brought the Apple A8 chip to the iPod Touch. The same chip is there inside the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. 

    So, What’s New with iPod Touch?

    The previous generations iPod touch did not support Group FaceTime Videos Calls and ARKit, which is now possible. Clearly, Tim Cook and Team are heavily touting new features in the latest devices. 

    A new 256GB variant of the iPod touch 2019 is introduced. This means twice as much storage as before. Apple also says the new iPod Touch offers up to two times faster CPU and up to three times the better graphics performance. 

    So, besides the faster chip and more storage, the specifications of the iPod Touch remains unchanged. We have the same 4-inch display, the same size as the iPhone SE. The same iPod with a 1.2-megapixel front camera and an 8-megapixel rear shooter. As before, the iPod Touch is merely 6.1mm thin and weighs 88 grams, making it the lighted iOS device. Talking about battery life, the iPod has up to 40 hours for music playback and up to 8 hours for video playback. 

    Apple promises to make the new iPod Touch in India early next in six colors – space grey, white, gold, blue, pink, and red. 

    After, features let us talk about the cost. 

    In India, the iPod Touch price starts from Rs. 18,900 for the 32GB variant. So, it is an increase of Rs. 1900 over the model that it replaces. The 128GB iPod Touch will be available for Rs. 28,900, as opposed to Rs 25,300 of its predecessor. And, the new variant, 256GB iPod Touch will retail at Rs. 38,900. The new iPod Touch will be available both online and offline. 

    Interesting, you can buy the 32GB iPhone 7 for 38,900 (same as the 256GB iPod Touch). And if you look, you can even buy it at a lower cost under various offers and discount. 

    So, what do you prefer? An iPhone with everything or an iPod with only music?

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