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    Apple Just Released a New Macbook … in PINK!!

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa Apr 20, 2016

    Apple launched an updated version of the 12’ MacBook yesterday. Yes, that’s the 12’ MacBook from last year, which had just one port and no back logo.So what’s new in this model? What has changed?

    Answer: Nothing!

    (Well, almost nothing)

    The new version of the MacBook is the same as the old one except for two things:

    1. Updated Intel Core M processors
    2. One additional hour of battery life

    There are a couple of minor updates like slightly faster RAM and a new Intel graphics card that offers slightly faster performance. But what’s captured everyone’s fancy is this …

    The MacBook is now available in pretty pink Rose Gold.

    And the Internet got probable cause to lose its shit!Come on, who’d want to lug around a pink, sorry Rose Gold, laptop? The phone is small enough to slip into your pocket. But the laptop is out there, in front of everyone. And it’s Rose Pink PINK, for heaven’s sake, from top to bottom and side to side!

    But since we’re trying to review the new MacBook in all seriousness, we’re going to keep emotions aside. Deplorable as their choice of color might be, the new MacBook disappoints in terms of specifications as well. All the updates they’ve made pale in comparison to the drawbacks we’ve observed in this device.

    • No 4K editing capability. Really Apple? REALLY? Even the iPhone SE can edit 4K videos. How can you expect a high-end laptop to do less? How do your brains work?
    • Only one port. That’s right. You still cannot connect all your old devices without spending a fortune on connectors and ports that should have existed in the freaking laptop in the first place. We’re not happy. We’re not happy at all!
    • 480p camera. It’s 2016, Apple! What’s your excuse? This video-size comparison chart from CNET doesn’t even feature 480p. That’s how outdated the technology is.

    This is so depressing like someone cheated on you. The pain …. We just don’t want to talk about it. 🙁

    These are huge setbacks for a MacBook of this day and age, and it’s no wonder that the PC market went gala over the launch. Here’s Dell, telling you what cutting edge really means:

    And here’s Asus with a thinner laptop at half the price:

    All the hullabaloo seems to be revolving around the fact that the new MacBook is now pink!

    The Rose Gold is definitely more complicated than the sum total of all these jokes and reactions. There’s a deep (and interesting) history of origin for the colour in popular culture and consequently it has a great aspirational value attached to it.

    We, however, are not the biggest fans of the bling. What bugs us even more than the color is the lack of features for a mainstream laptop. Did they forget it was 2016? Besides, it’s not like Apple doesn’t have the technology or the resources; they just don’t have the intention.

    Baat keemat ki nahi, neeyat ki hai!

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