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    Microsoft Mocks Apple In New Ad. And We Can’t Stop Laughing!

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    Pooja Ramanujan
    Pooja Ramanujan Aug 19, 2016

    When I was in school, I had these two friends who were constantly fighting. And instead of stopping them, I did what any good friend would do – I stoked the fire of their enemity!

    Don’t you be judging me know. I am almost certain you’ve done something similar – put “ghee in the aag” for that little bit of “chull“. Well, guess what! You’re not alone, because Microsoft is doing exactly that to Apple right now!

    Recently Apple launched an ad for their iPad Pro series, which implied that the tab could be a replacement for the desktop computer. We’d written a piece about it, discussing the veracity of such a claim. Our conclusion was that although it wasn’t a feasible option for the average person, the iPadPro could double as a PC for certain kinds of users.

    Microsoft disagrees with us. They think that the very idea of an iPad replacing the desktop is laughable! In an ad lavishly garnished with sarcasm, Microsoft pulls back nothing, letting Apple know exactly how ridiculous their claim is.

    The ad compares the functionality of an iPad Pro (a bloated tab) to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (essentially a full fledged PC). And like we said, it leaves nothing to the imagination.

    This reminds me so much of the classic “Hi! I am a Mac. And I am a PC!” series of ads. There were some really funny (and really sarcastic) ads in that series. Back then, nobody cared about hurt feelings and being politically correct. This one’s like that. It would make Don Draper proud!

    While kattar Apple-vadis aren’t going to like the ad, I’m inclined to side with Microsoft on this one. I think that the Surface Pro is a much better replacement to the desktop than an iPad.

    And I certainly don’t concur with 9to5Mac, who think that “the tone of the ad just sounds a little desperate“. There’s was nothing desperate about the ad. Microsoft knows they have a superior product and pressed their advantage. Something they’d never think of doing for their Lumia phone series. Not in their wildest dreams!!

    PS: Personally, I found a comment on the video funnier than the ad itself. A witty lad called “nick187able” had this to say:

    Silly fruit indeed! Oh internet, you never cease to amaze us!

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