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    AirPods Lovers Rejoice! A New Model is Coming Soon

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    Ashrita Dkhar
    Ashrita Dkhar Feb 21, 2019

    AirPods is arguably Apple’s most loved product in the last decade. And now, the rumor around town is that Apple is soon launching AirPods 2 alongside the AirPower mat. Does this mean that along with an updated version of the earbuds we’ll also see updated AirPods memes floating around the Internet as well? Well, I’m down for both!

    So, what’s new in this version?

    According to an unconfirmed source in Asia, the next-gen wireless earbuds will come with a tweaked design and a new color – Black! Although we would have preferred more color choices, the change is still welcome. AirPods 2 will also get a different coating making them harder to drop. And God knows how badly this is needed because many people complain about their AirPods dropping out.

    China-based Economic Daily News reported that these updated AirPods were supposed to be launched last year, but Apple pushed back the date. The hiccup arose because AirPower, the multi-device charging mat, ran into overheating problems and Apple wanted to launch both the products simultaneously. It was reported that the issue was solved, and the tech giant will reportedly launch them together with a wireless charging case. Come spring and the launches will leave you feeling nothing but good.

    The catch, however, is that you can’t buy just one product. You gotta buy other products as well. Don’t get it? Here’s the math – to charge your AirPods 2, you’ll need the updated wireless charging case. To charge the charging case, you need the AirPower charging mat. And there you have it, folks, that’s how the big tech guys make money. And how you lose yours.

    Is it worth your money though?

    According to the rumours, the future AirPods will include some significant changes, but most of these are reported to be in the development stage. That means that the version to be launched soon will offer just a few minor improvements, one of which is the wireless charging.

    Unnamed sources from the manufacturers of the current version of AirPods, Inventec, have reportedly told EDN, that apart from minor design tweaks, new color, and non-slip coating, there is a possibility that the new AirPods will be set up with “Hey Siri.” If this is true, it will make life much easier for people to give verbal commands to their AirPods when they’re out and about. Nothing very ground-breaking and still unsure if this is worth the money.

    Although everything is all speculation at this moment, the rumors doing the rounds everywhere is indicative that the launch date is not too far away. There are other sources citing that the launch won’t be until fall, but with Apple rumored to be planning a media event on March 25, many believe that they will unveil the new products on that day.

    Let’s hope they surprise the world with a spectacular reveal making March truly a month of marvel. Geddit?!

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