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    These New WhatsApp Features are AWESOME!!

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    Amit Srivatsa
    Amit Srivatsa Jul 30, 2016

    Just this May, WhatsApp launched its first official Mac App. And we were pleased. Very pleased. Now, two months later, we’ve got yet another gift coming our way – The iOS version of What’sApp. My, my, my, we’re feeling so rich and loved right now!

    Coming back, the latest version of WhatsApp on iOS – version 2.16.7 – brings with it many a new features! And suddenly, we want to do nothing more than open up What’sApp and spend the rest of the day gabbing away to infinity.

    3x bigger emoticons

    In the new version, the emoticons are getting bigger. Three times bigger! However, for the emoticons to be displayed in their new XL sizes, you’ll have to send them individually. If you send them in a group, they’ll show up in their regular size.

    Interestingly, this very same feature has also appeared in the redesigned iMessage app for iOS 10. We’re trying to not think too much of this coincidence.

    Live zoom while shooting video

    If you’re shooting a video directly from within the app, you can now zoom in while recording the video. Simply swipe up with one finger on the screen and you should see a zoom. Slide the finger down to zoom out.

    multiple chat actions

    You can now select multiple chats simultaneously and perform a single action on them with a single click. You have three options: “Delete”, “Archive”, or “Mark Read”. If you’re someone who’s fed up of all the groups you’ve been added to, you’re going to have a lot of use for this feature!!

    Speed enhancements

    Facebook claims that the codes of the app have been re-written to perform better under stress. So whether you’re in the habit of writing messages that look like short stories or whether you exchange 4000 chats and 500 photos with your ‘bestie’, your app won’t lag the way it used to earlier.

    Well, it’s a pleasant feeling to stay current with our Android counterparts who would, earlier, show off neat What’sApp features that iPhone users were denied. If iOS is willing to share Prisma with Android, it’s good to see the love returned in the form of What’sApp updates. All is peaceful in the world now!

    The latest version of the app is already live on the AppStore, and you can update it by clicking right HERE!

    WhatsApp screenshots from iDownloadBlog.
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