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    Want to Pre-Order iPhone SE?

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    The iPhone SE is all set to launch in India this Friday, i.e., April 8th. And iWorld – one of India’s largest Apple retailer – has started taking pre-orders for the iPhone SE.

    iWorld has set up a webpage for you to go and register for the new phone.

    A screenshot of the pre-booking webpage.

    As you can see, the phone will be available in the standard four colors — Silver, Gold, Space Grey and Rose Gold.

    Coming to the prices, the 16GB model is being sold at Rs. 39,000, whereas the 64GB version is being sold at a whopping Rs 49,000.

    We’d predicted that the higher model would be around 45K, so a price tag of 49 K has surprised us as well. A lot of people were already undecided about buying the SE because of its high price range. This new price is sure to deter them even more.

    It’s surprising that Amazon has not yet started pre-booking for the phone. At the time of writing this article, there were no indications that they were even planning to have a pre-booking session on the site. We can’t help but wonder why.

    Our recommendation

    If you are one of those crazy fans who just has to get his hands on the new iPhone on the day of its launch, you should just go ahead and pre-book your SE. You’re not going to listen  to reason anyway.

    If, however, you are prepared to wait, then we suggest you hold off for a couple of months. With the discontinuation of iPhone 5s, the price of SE is bound to fall eventually. Even if it’s just a couple of thousands off the overall price, what’s the harm in waiting?

    More importantly, it will give us some time to get hold of the iPhone SE and do a better study of how the phone functions. And you can benefit from our wisdom and make an informed decision about the phone, instead of being driven by Fanboy obsession!

    Sounds good? Stay tuned to this blog for more updates from our side …

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