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    Samsung Makes Fun of Apple at Note 7 Launch Event

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    Samsung recently launched their much awaited Galaxy Note 7. This feature rich phone is arguably the best in the world, and immensely popular to say the least. Its “Official Introduction” video was the first phone launch video to gain over a billion views on YouTube. And Samsung seems to be revelling in all the glory.

    Samsung and Apple have what we’d call a friendly rivalry. (Well, there is rivalry between them, and we hope they’re mature enough to keep it friendly.) Anyway, they’re not above making jibes and taking potshots at each other, all of which is usually garnished with a generous dose of snide remarks.

    And, in keeping with this time honoured tradition, Samsung mocked Apple during the launch of Note 7.

    Justin Denison, Samsung’s VP of marketing, took a dig at Apple Pencil while talking about the S-Pen that comes included with Note 7. “Well, it comes free with the phone, and you don’t have to charge it!”

    You’d think that he was done. But no, he was just getting warmed up.

    “Do you wanna know what else it [the new Note] comes with? An audio jack… I’m just saying.”

    Obviously, Samsung thinks that Apple’s decision to get rid of the headphone jack is a bad move. My teammates think Samsung will be the first to copy that feature after Apple makes it a huge success. Me, I am not so sure. The iPhone ecosystem is too closely regulated, and they might be able to pull this switch off. The Android market, on the other hand, is much more diverse (read: vibrant, full of options, jhakaas!)

    Yes, yes! I know that this is AppleSutra, not Androidsutra. What business have I drooling over new Samsung phone?

    But, my love for Apple aside, I am a lover of good technology. And I like to give credit where it’s due. Samsung seems to have done a good job with Note 7, and it’s fast climbing to the top of my wish list!

    If you call me a traitor, I will offer up my standard excuse – research. Know thine enemy better, yada yada, yada, is a pretty good cover for me. While I secretly indulge my latest crush, you look at this video and have a good laugh. Or not. Whatever.

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