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When And What To Expect At The Next Apple Event

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Team Applesutra
Team Applesutra Aug 21, 2019

As Apple’s big event approaching, all sorts of gossips are floating around. While some are too good to be true, some are worth your attention. For instance, the speculated date of next event. In the iOS 13 beta cycle, the images of its interface labeled as ‘hold for release’ have the date of September 10. This could be any random date, for all we care. But all the fan theories and speculation would like to believe that it is on this date that the next Apple Event going happen.

Let’s analyze some of these theories, the last year similar thing happened. In 2018, the images released had the date – September 12 the same as the date of the event. And in the same event, the iOS12 and iPhone XS series were announced. 

Historically, the first iPhone was introduced in January of 2017. Then for the next three consecutive years, we saw a new iPhone every June at WWDC. And in 2011, the iPhone 4S was announced in October.  

But for the past seven years, Apple has been revealing a new iPhone in Septembers. As noted by Apple lovers, Apple has been relatively predictable with September events. And if that trend follows this year too, the launch of iPhone 11 is around the corner. It is usually in the second week of September, expect in 2016, the event was on September 7.

No, that we are quite clear with when will be the next Apple Event. Let’s discuss what all to expect on September 10.

Expectations from the Apple Event

As rumor says it, three new iPhone Models will be debuting at Apple Event. As speculated, there will be one will be LCD iPhone and two OLED iPhones. The new iPhone is rumored to have a dual camera in a square cutout. And the higher-end models will have three cameras – a regular one, a telephoto one, and a wide-angle lens — a perfect combination for photography enthusiasts.

Also, the new iPhone is expected to feature the system to charge other devices at physical contact. This sounds very similar to the latest Galaxy Note 10.

I guess we just have to wait and watch, September 10 isn’t that far.   

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