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    We Asked Siri Some Funny Questions. Here’s What She Said

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    Remember that episode in the Big Bang Theory where Raj falls in love with Siri? Well, this article is like that in no way. I just needed a relevant pop culture reference to reel you in ????.

    Now that you’re here, you may as well give the article a look-see. We’ve all been privy to Siri’s wit, whether we’re an iPhone user or not. This voice-activated AI is the Apple universe’s golden child. First introduced to the world in 2010, Siri has come a long way from giving simple, to-the-point answers. She’s now capable of shooting back witty and humourous answers to our weird, curiosity-fueled questions that will have you actually rolling on the floor with laughter.

    Want to find out just how sassy she is? Here are some weird things we asked Siri to pass our time.

    #1 I wonder where Siri hides her dentures.

    #2 She sees all, she knows all. Most importantly, she remembers all.

    #3 I regret nothing.

    #4 No, but I want some.

    #5 Hit me where it hurts.

    #6 Yes, a test of your patience.

    #7 I put my leg up in the air sometimes, saying ‘Ayo, I’m a flamingo!’

    #8 I just wanted to know what was up.

    #9 Not exactly what I had in mind, but I’ll take it.

    #10 Dear Lord, Siri’s a fuckboy.

    #11 Lonely… I am so lonely… I have nobody…

    #12 Wait, is Siri a nihilist?

    #13 You’re the assistant. Just do as I say.

    #14 Dhinchak Pooja v2.0

    #15 What use are you to me then?!

    #16 How else are we supposed to bond?

    #17 That’s life for you.

    Man, that was a ride. Did you have as much of a laugh as we did? Knock yourself out and ask her some of the questions! But before you do, make sure you have some aloe vera on hand because Siri goes hard and you’re about to get burned. Let us know what other hilarious responses she comes up with!

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    1. Samruddhi says:

      Try asking her for a knock knock joke.

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