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    The Updated Apple Emojis Keyboard is Here to Match Your Many Moods

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    Team Applesutra Nov 1, 2019

    Who doesn’t play around with emojis on WhatsApp messages? Be it a laughing face with tears of joy or angry red face, emojis give you the power to express emotions. And sometimes, to hide a sarcastic comment behind a wink. Convenient, isn’t it? We all are well-versed with all the emojis and its twisted usage. (wink emoji)

    Last month on World Emoji Day (July 17), Apple marked the day by announcing 59 new iOS emojis that are coming up this year. All the new emoji characters will be available throughout all Apple devices. The good part of this update is that there will a variety of disability themed options. Emojis like a guide dug, wheelchairs, an ear with hearing aid, prosthetic arm and a leg will add value and inclusiveness to Apple Emoji Keyboard.

    Hand Holding Update

    The update list also has an updated combination of couples holding hands. To personalize people’s virtual handing hold experience, Apple will be including 75 possible combinations. So you can mix and match and select any gender and skin tone when it comes to hand-holding online. Tim Cook and co sure are a sweet and thoughtful bunch.

    What’s Next on the Emoji Update List?

    Next, we have some regular emoji that were missing from the Apple emoji keyboard. Things like yawning face, a one-piece swimsuit, lehenga (cultural diversity) food items like waffles, falafel, ginger, and butter. There’ll also be some new animals on the keyboard like sloth, flamingo, skunk, and orangutan.  

    Emoji Lovers and Their Love

    So, with 59 new emojis which will be 75, if we add all the gender options and 230, with skin tone options, it will be a ball for emoji lovers. Recently, Adobe released its 2019 Emoji Trend Report, sighting popular emojis and psychology behind it. Apparently, the top three favorite emojis are laughing face with tears of joy, the heart, and the face blowing heart kiss.

    93% of people admitted they use emojis to lighten the mood in a conversation. And another 91% of emoji users said emojis help to show support. Whatever it be, emojis are always fun to use. It adds “character” to a bland, text-based chit chat. Emojis make you feel connected in otherwise disconnection communication.

    Now, getting back to the original topic of the hour. Apple doesn’t specify whether emoji updates will be available in iOS13 or there will be a subsequent update like iOS13.1. So, I guess we just have to wait and watch. But then again, with Apple, that’s the tradition.

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