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    watchOS 6 and tvOS 13: The Family Man & Solo Rider

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    Team Applesutra
    Team Applesutra Jun 4, 2019

    Apple’s annual WWDC 2019 went quite well yesterday. As Tim Cook and top executives took the stage at San Jose, California, they summoned awe and wonder among the audience. Among all the Apple magic that was introduced in the conference, the two things that caught my attention were tvOS 13 and watchOS 6.

    The All New watchOS 6

    Even though this new version of watchOS isn’t a massive revamp, it gives Apple Watches their own identity. This means Apple Watch is no more just a trophy wife to iPhone. The new watchOS 6 got a complete makeover. The apps available on Apple watch will now be able to run independently. Apple watch will no longer need a companion app on the connected iPhone.

    First and foremost, as a standalone device, it comes with new watch faces. Some of the new watch faces you can enjoy are a gradient, digital, California dial, and solar. While new watch faces mean new designs, it also includes more details that were previously not available on watch faces.

    Some of the add-ons to watchOS 6 are basic features like calculator, voicemail, and audiobooks. But perhaps the most exciting feature is the audio API. The new streaming audio API will allow you to stream audio in your apps, be it podcasts or live sports commentaries.

    Another major surprise that came with watchOS 6 is its very own on-device App Store. That’s right. Users can now discover, pay for, and install the app right on the wrist. This also means your Apple Watch will be able to download and install software updates directly without relying on its narcissist companion – iPhone. Ah, the sweet taste of freedom.

    An Apple a Day keeps You Fit

    This is for all the health conscious Apple watch users out there – those who obsessively count the number of steps, continuously check the pulse rate and the what not – watchOS 6 highly focuses on health-related features. (Healthy kidneys, anyone?)

    There is an Activity Trends app that will use the information your Apple Watch collects and put it in perspective. Another one is a new Noise app for watchOS 6, which will help users keep their hearing health good. How? By measuring the decibel level of environmental noise around you and letting you know as and when things are too loud. (Guess you should probably stop wearing the Apple Watch to clubs and concerts.)

    For women, watchOS 6 also brings a Cycle Tracking feature to help them keep track of their menstrual cycle. Bold of Apple to assume an Apple watch will do a better job than our biological clock and mood swing patterns. But anyway, thank you Tim Cook and team for the concern towards our ovaries. A better version would be one that brings me hot chocolate when I’m down but I’m all cool for an app telling me how my cycle is late as well. Panic at the disco, everyone!

    For all the trendy beings and fashionistas, Apple will be bringing new watch bands in summer colours and special pride edition. I don’t even have clothes in summer colours but Apple watch band in cool summer shades – it’s time to partayyy! (Except we’re broke, heyyy!)

    Moving on Apple tvOS 13

    According to many users, the biggest change that came with tvOS 13 is the multi-user support. Multi-user profile also means personalised contest recommendations to all the members based on their viewing preferences. Nothing novel about this considering you get a very similar experience with other multi-user platforms like Netflix.  People are also excited about the convenience of switching between the users, thanks to the new Control Center.

    But what makes me the happiest? Enough to kiss Tim Cook’s hands? Apple enabled Xbox One and PlayStation DualShock 4 controllers with tvOS 13. That’s right. You can now play video games on your Apple TV all day long.

    Plus, for singers, you can now practice song lyrics in real time as the songs are playing.

    So, the new tvOS 13 is a family/friends package. There is something for each member of your clan. And as Tim Cook said, the new tvOS is “more personal and more entertaining than ever.”

    For now, both the updates and others are available for developers and will only reach the public this fall. This means you can get your hands on watchOS 6 and tvOS 13 by September this year. So, people start saving, it’s worth the wait.

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