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Sober Thoughts on the New MacBook Pro

Apple’s new range of MacBook Pro got all the updates we’d expected — they are faster, thinner, and lighter; the screens are sharper, the batteries last longer, and the trackpad is bigger. They’ve also got a feature we’d anticipated — the OLED Touch Bar and integrated Touch ID sensor. Read more

Why is Apple So Successful?

Apple’s latest iPhone was launched about a month back. The much-awaited device is well on its way to breaking multiple sales records, many of which were set by previous iPhones! Although people predicted the success of the iPhone 7, it still amazes us to see it perform so well. Read more


Apple Patents Anything and Everything

Depending on who you speak to, Steve Jobs was a celebrated innovator, relentless collaborator, or a shameless limelight stealer. Irrespective of all that, his name was on more than 350 Apple patents. Given his keen eye for the tiniest of details, I am pretty sure his name wasn’t added just for ceremonial reasons. Read more


macOS Sierra: Should You Upgrade?

macOS Sierra — the latest instalment of the OS powering your Mac was released last night for public download. As can be expected, there are a host of new features – some amazing, some pretty meh. The big question, of course, is should you upgrade? Read more

iPad Pro India

Can an iPad Really Replace Your Desktop?

Computers have come a long way since the days of Charles Babbage (he invented computers, just in case you didn’t know).  They’ve gotten smaller and more powerful at the same time. From the automatic coffee machine in the corner of your office to the entire International Space Station, almost all devices today are driven by a micro-computer. We just don’t realise it because most of us only have one definition of the computer – It’s a desktop PC. Read more


Just How Big is Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go has grown by leaps and bounds in the few short weeks since its launch. With the whole world going crazy about this innovative game, it’s worth asking ‘how big exactly has the game grown?’ Read more

iOS Developer

The iOS Developer Challenge

In a recent study, Localytics – one of the leading statistics and research firms in the world – has found that nearly one-fourth of all apps are deleted after just one use. This high rate of app deletion, coupled with lowering attention spans and a highly competitive app market, are all part of a phenomenon we like to call The Developer Challenge. Read more

differential privacy

Apple’s ‘Differential Privacy’ is Worth Applauding

Our world today is ruled by Big Data. You may not know, but every minute, every second, corporate tech giants the world over are collecting colossal amounts of data from almost everyone using the internet. This data is then churned and turned to create user behaviour trends, which are then formulated into business tactics to boost sales. In this mad run to sell the most, the collateral damage is user privacy. That’s where Apple is breaking new ground with its Differential Privacy. Read more