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16gb iPhone 6S Plus

Do Not Buy 16GB iPhone 6S. Please!

This year too, like every year before this, Apple pushed the boundaries of smartphone technology with the launch of two new flagship iPhones – the 6S and 6S Plus. While they are simply the best iPhones ever and it’s hard to find any fault in them, we do have one grudge – the huge compromise that Apple has made yet again in offering storage. Read more

“Take a spiritual pilgrimage to India, Mark”, said Jobs

Dear Apple Fans, do you remember Steve Jobs’ pilgrimage to India way back in 1974? The famous spiritual trip during which he came up with many revolutionary ideas that served him so well in the future? Well, it turns out that another brilliant entrepreneur embarked on a similar quest on Jobs’ advice. And it was none other than Mark Zuckerberg! Read more

iPhone prices worldwide

iPhone Prices Worldwide: Who Gets the Best Deal?

In India, the fastest way to get people talking about your ‘extravagant’ lifestyle is to buy an iPhone. Anybody around you who doesn’t have an iPhone is going to come back to you with taunts that can broadly be classified into 3 categories 

  1. The Envious – ‘Haan haan, bade paise uda raha hai aaj kal!’
  2. The Enlightened – ‘I would never spend so much on a phone, dude! It’s just … criminal. Think about world hunger. And poverty.
  3. The Economist – ‘You could have bought a cheaper phone and invested in mutual funds that would have got you 10% over the next … zzzz!

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New iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Dear Apple, Please Let Us Make Millions For You

It was half past ten (in India) on the night of 9th September when Tim Cook took to the stage and unveiled the bigger and gigantic iPhones 6s. There was a child-like excitement and anticipation amongst Apple enthusiasts. But, as always, there was also a question mark on the faces of Indian fan-boys.

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Macbook Pro India

The Curious Case of Falling Macbook Prices in India

In India, Macbooks have always been the poster child of the elite class. Whenever we come across a Mac user, we instinctively assume them to be sitting on a fat wallet. Only natural when you consider the hefty price tags they carry in our country. But now, for some unknown reason, the price barrier is being lowered. Read more