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Apple new patent safer iPhones

Apple Inspired by Falling Cats to Make iPhones Safer

Anybody who’s ever owned an iPhone has had this recurring nightmare where their ‘more-fragile-than-a-newborn’ handset slips from their hands and responds to the laws of gravity with breakneck velocity. A sickening ‘thud’ and a million heart attacks later, one of two things happen: the lucky ones will miraculously escape with nothing more than a scratch on the body. Unlucky mortals like me will stare at a screen that has a spider’s web for decoration and squint through the cracks in the coming weeks to guess whether I’m even dialling the right number. Read more

Round iOS folders

This Cool Trick Makes iOS Folders Round!

Apple is not very big on customization. They’re a bit of a control freak, and they rule the ecosystem with an iron fist. From colors to iconography to fonts, everything has to be approved by Apple. That’s why it is so much harder to make an app for iOS than for the Play Store. Read more

Apple autocorrect

Apple’s Fix for the Ducking Autocorrect!

The autocorrect on our phone has been responsible for many adventures in texting and chatting lives. On several occasions, it made us sound more intelligent than we actually were, offered the right words when needed and even helped correct embarrassing typos. Read more